Connect4SummerFest Vacancies

We are looking to recruit a team of experienced staff who

will be responsible for delivering
our exciting new Connect4SummerFest programme across 5 boroughs this summer break.
The employment will be for 18 days, two days training and 16 days’ delivery, including one
event on Saturday 14th Aug and one on Sunday 1st Aug.

Each day will start at 8am and finish approx. 5pm, Connect4SummerFest will be delivered
between 10.30am and 2.30pm, at a different venue each day, lunch supplied.

Employment will commence on the 26th July and end on Thursday 19th August.
Positions available:

• Play Leader – £12.50 per hour
• Deputy Play Leaders x 2 – £11 per hour
• Play Workers x 8 – £9.50 per hour
• Minibus drivers x 2 – £10.50 per hour
• Lorry Driver x 1 – £10.50 per hour

For the Play Leader and Deputies must be experienced and be able to do all the contract.
All applicants must be 18+ years


We require two teams of people to work with young people from 12 – 16 years over 16 days of the school holidays, based in Havant and Test Valley, we will also expect staff to attend two training days. The programme will be delivered from 26th July until 19th August, Monday – Thursday.

• Youth project Play leaders x 6 – £10.50 per hour

All applicants must be 18+ years

For more details or to apply for any of the posts please email

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